Soul Searching and Painting My Way Back to Writing

Hi everyone. I’ve been putting this blog and my writing aside for nearly two months now, so I figured it was time to update, and share what I’ve been up to. I hope after all this time there’s someone who’s still interested…

I started July off motivated and excited to work on my novel-in-progress during Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve been writing and rewriting this novel of mine for years, and every time July rolls around I get the most work done. I started the first few days strong, then of course life got in the way, and my strong word counts slowly dwindled into a daily word count of 0. But I decided that unless I was working on my novel, I would not work on any other writing at all. I wanted to maintain my focus on one project. But instead, in this sudden absence of writing, something unexpected happened…

I became a Christian.

Before anyone starts cringing or stops reading, hear me out. I’m not here to preach to anyone. I wasn’t looking to become a Christian at the beginning of July, but by the end of July I was one. Instead of finishing my novel I went from being an ex-Catholic agnostic who thought she wasn’t looking for anything more, to a full-fledged Christian. It’s a long story that I’d be happy to tell to anyone interested, but won’t get into here.

So… what does this mean?

This means that I’ve been spending the month of August trying to figure out exactly what this means for my writing. And trying to mentally integrate my new self with my writing style. I believe it is more than possible, but I’m deciding the details, and where I want to take this.

What it DOESN’T mean: I’m not switching over to a strictly Christian genre, or anything like that. Also, I will not be preachy or judgmental, in my writing or socially. That has never been my style, and now more than ever I’m not here to judge anyone. I really do have love for everyone, and always want the best for people. However, I may be exploring my own faith in my writing, and subtly exploring Christian themes.

It also means I’ve been painting… a lot. It’s been my way of thinking out my faith in a creative way until I’ve made decisions about my writing. I’ve been selling prints for charity online, so I’ll be integrating that into this website soon for anyone who’s interested.

Well, that’s what’s going on over here. I hope I didn’t scare anyone away. If you have any questions please contact me.

Check back soon for some artwork, and sometime in the near future for more writing projects 🙂

4 Replies to “Soul Searching and Painting My Way Back to Writing”

  1. What a confession of faith! I am so proud of you. Praising and praying! Read C. S. Lewis and see his journey from atheism to Christianity, or the Apostle Paul (Apossum, per Pawpaw.) I look forward to hearing from you…

  2. Wow!!! This is so awesome Veronica. The great thing about the Lord is that the talents he created you with can be an incredible tool of service and outreach. He will reveal his plan to you as you continue to chase after His will for your life. He’s not into playing “Hide and Go Seek”, if you seek Him in all your ways…you will find each other and the results are always beautiful. Much love in Christ…So happy to watch (and read) the next chapters of your journey.

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