Short Story Prompt – 1: Fairy Tale

"The Five Sisters" by Annie Stegg
“The Five Sisters” by Annie Stegg

For a change of pace, today is a short story prompt. However, if short story writing isn’t your thing, this prompt can easily be tailored to poetry.

For today’s story, re-tell or modernize (or horror-ize) a fairy tale. It could be one of the classics, like “Snow White” or the “Princess and the Pea,” or a holiday-themed tale, like Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, or Krampus, or even an original story of your own invention that has fairy tale qualities and characters. Some good sources are, of course, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen. Use the story itself, or a specific character, or the overall moral lesson from the fairy tale to influence your writing. Whatever the case, make it your own original creation.

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