Poetry Prompt – 17: 8 Words

As you write today’s poem, use at least four of the eight words listed below. Use all eight if you’re feeling ambitious. If you need a little inspiration, before you write think about the way these words can connect and let it form a picture or story in your mind. Let the words guide your subject.

  • believe
  • foreign
  • milk
  • foster
  • consumption
  • plenty
  • freeze
  • baking

3 Replies to “Poetry Prompt – 17: 8 Words”


    If the plenty consumption is your take one bread
    it will scary appear, what is under the head.
    And if plenty consumption is your take on milk
    it is no longer mild. You will cry out for silk.

    Bread and milk by mums foster. If foreign such is
    you will freeze as in snow which by water you miss.
    Mothers baking know very well some children thieve.
    But they think that is stupid. In that they believe.

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