About Veronica

Veronica McDonald is a published fiction writer and poet, and self-taught visual artist. She graduated from American University in Washington D.C. with an M.A. Degree in Literature, and has since created one chapbook and piles of notebooks full of stories and poems.  She is currently working on a novel, and entering her artwork into shows and competitions in order to meet and connect with other artists.

Veronica became a born-again Christian in July 2016.  Since then she has been fascinated with good and evil, love and fear, life and death, and the various ways Jesus and the Gospel shine out of secular literature, movies, and storytelling. All of this is reflected in her writing and art.

Veronica currently lives in Southern California with her husband and two children.

About the Writing

Veronica’s writing tends to fall into the “dark” category.  Initially, this was due to a love of psychological horror and dark, strange literature. After finding Jesus, however, her goals in writing “dark” are to show the futility of searching for hope in the darkness, and to demonstrate the power of light and hope when it shines in dark places. In both her poems and stories, she likes to play with magical realism, isolated settings, childhood memories, painful realizations and conversions, and contrasting the innocent with the monstrous.

For Veronica, the process of writing is about digging inward, finding the battle of good and evil already taking place, and throwing herself into the fight.  Her characters are often people who have little hope, people who believe they are their own god, people who don’t know what to believe, people who realize that what they thought would give them happiness leaves them empty, and people who love dark things even though these things destroy them. She writes about these people because she was one of them, and loves them, and wants any reader who connects with them to realize that there is something better.

The Poetry Blog is a place where Veronica experiments with different poetry forms every week or so. Here she encourages other writers through poetry prompts, and posts personal poems as she learns to improve her own skills and how to glorify God through poetry.

About the Art

Veronica often paints scenes inspired by the Bible and inspired by her own journey in faith.  She also enjoys creating portraits where she can enhance the spectrum of colors she sees in animals and people. She works primarily with acrylics, but also experiments with a variety of media: collage, tissue paper, oil pastels, watercolors, and anything else she can get her hands on. One day when she gets brave enough, she’ll try oil paints.

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